South East Coastal

Communities Kent and Medway

Who can apply?

Your can apply if you:

  • Are a small community led organisation;

  • Are a not-for-profit organisation;

  • Have a constitution or set of rules, dated and signed as ‘adopted’ by the Chair, or other senior office holder on behalf of the organisation:

    If you don’t have a constitution or a bank account it is an essential requirement of your application that you are endorsed by one of the Universities at Medway.  You can apply if your organisation is supported by a constituted voluntary organisation where it is permissible under their constitution and, where relevant, charity law.  In these circumstances your organisation should apply in your own name but provide the bank details, accounts/statement of income and expenditure and a bank statement for the constituted organisation;

  • If you are a business in the Swale area and wish to assist the local community, you can apply together/through a local community group - with the overall aim of improving the health and well-being of the local area

  • Have a bank account, in the name of your organisation, which requires at least two signatures;

  • Can provide a copy of your most recent accounts or statement of income and expenditure and a bank statement.  These must be audited or signed as approved by your Chair or other senior office holder;

  • Can spend the funds within one year or return it, or part of it, to the SECC;

  • Are an individual who has an idea for forming a new community group.

Who can not apply to the SECC?

The rules of the SECC prevent the following organisations/individuals from applying:

  • Higher Education Institutions alone (Universities at Medway);

  • Political Organisations;

  • Referees, however the organisation the referee is employed by may apply provided they use a different nominated referee;

  • National Organisations, unless the organisation is a local branch with local management/accountability arrangements and bank account;

  • Town and Community Councils;

  • Other Statutory Organisations ;

  • Schools – however the PTA/Friends may apply to SECC provided the funding is not to carry out improvements to the building or grounds or is to provide equipment or educational trips, which could reasonably be expected to be provided by the LEA.

    For any further queries regarding eligibility please contact the SECC Project Manager (Velibor Milovanovic) by telephone on 01634 894415 or via email at