South East Coastal

Communities Kent and Medway

Projects must fall under the theme of Health & Wellbeing, and ideally under one of the three themes of Healthy Environment, Healthy People and Healthy Social Economy. Examples of the types of activities that community groups may want to carry out with the guidance and expertise from the universities could be as follows (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Designing projects to facilitate improved access to green and open space;

  • The development and evaluation of healthy eating initiatives;

  • Improving wellbeing through engagement in sport and the arts;

  • Development of projects to re-train/re-engage older workers;

  • Development of educational programmes in relation to the natural environment or healthy lifestyles for both young people and adults;

  • Developing pilot projects to encourage healthy lifestyles through better access to the natural environment;

  • Development of social enterprises as mechanisms for providing local services and increasing economic activity.