South East Coastal

Communities Kent and Medway

Health & Wellbeing
The overarching theme of South East Coastal Communities is Health and Wellbeing, and bids therefore must centre around at least one of the following themes:

  • Healthy Environment  
Communities planning and developing health-promoting and safe environments and to developing sustainable ways of using their natural resources;

  • Healthy People
Influencing the lifestyle and health choices of communities in order to improve the overall health amongst the local population;

  • Healthy Social Economy
Supporting communities to develop their economic, political and social capital and to improve access to work.

For project ideas and details of what activities are already in progress through South East Coastal Communities see Projects.

To discuss any ideas you or your organisation have, please contact the SECC Project Manager, Velibor Milovanovic, by telephone on 01634 894415 or email at